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New Proxy list for today

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Fresh Proxy List for today 10-12-2009

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Fresh Proxy list for today 23-11-2009

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Forum : Auto Hide IP

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Free Fresh Proxy list : Updated today! 21-11-2009

Free Fresh Proxy list : Updated today! 21-11-2009

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21-11-09 | US Socks 5 City/State (161)

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The Aion Fan Site Community Board

If you are a big fan of something or someone, you’ll think that it will be exciting if you have a forum to talk about it. You’ll feel that “we are living in the same planet” with them. This makes your experience in adoring that subject becomes more fun.

That is probably the aim that is taken by It is the website to serve all aion fans. The website is the Aion fan site community board. It is the place to have general discussion about Aion. You can leave questions about Aion here for an open discussion and answers. You are also able to have aion classes at this website. Everything you need to know about Aion terminologies will be discussed here. It helps you in understanding the game you are playing. You can choose specific topic that you need to explore more. The website also gives you a guide to play Aion. You can get the general guide and how-to’s for Aion as you general leveling guides. There is also mechanic analysis for analysis and chatter on Mechanics in Aion.

Gain Success for Your Website

The key in gain success for your website is attracting as much visitors as you can to your website. You need to get the widest possible of visitors so your brand will get bigger. Making your website to be watched by many people is not something impossible if you know how to do it.

The easiest way is submitting it to a web directory. Do you wonder how to do it? If you do, you can check to get your answer. You’ll find the steps you need to take if you want to submit your website to a web directory. It also tells you good reasons of submitting your website to this website. Get a further reading about the benefits you can get if you submit your website to this site. You can also read about tips in finding the right web directory that appropriate to your website. Don’t forget to check also to find out DMOZ open directory project. Yahoo directory can also be your choice to submit your website. Find out the categories you can submit to this web directory at

The Perfect Time to Prepare Your Beautiful Garden In Spring

For you who enjoy gardening very much, you know that the busiest month of the year in the garden is November. It is because this month is the perfect time to prepare your blossoming garden in spring. To get a beautiful garden in spring there must be a lot of things to do.

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How to access blocked site

It is now easy to enter and access blocked site, if your company or your school blocked some sites, includes your favorite ones. I know, that is boring and stucked. Here are some tips.
#1 Go to the proxy web
There are a lot of web proxy out there. Use Google to find it. Use keyword 'free web proxy'. When you have got it, do not use any url that contain word 'proxy'. Usually your webmaster blocked it too.

#2 Use IP Proxy
Using this one is more comfortable, I think. Here are some links to download it. Get many IPs and get yourself free.

#3 Install 3rd party program
If you want to directly get access to your favorite sites without settings anything, find 3rd party program. But I do not guarantee. For example proxy way

What is Proxy

Proxy in simple description, can be used for 'escaping' to the internet for surfing, browsing or another if your connection is blocked by your server. It's a great way to visit your favorite website, like Youtube, facebook, or other blocked site.

Increasing traffic by submitting websites to web directories

For a web, being indexed by Google and many other search engines is very important. That's very useless if we build some web sites but search engine doesn't indexed it. Being indexed by SE [Search Engine], especially Google as the biggest SE recently, make some advantages. Google seems support in promote our site and is impressed our site is one of the recommended results.

But to be indexed, in fact, not as easy as we imagine. There are many competitors out there, that have the same purpose, be in top 10 search result. Some of the requirements that we need to be indexed are having many backlink and good keyword. If both requirements are combine with good web optimization, it is not possible to be in top 10 SERP [Search Engine Results Page].

We could use web directory to make our site standing in the search engine. There are two categories of web directory; free web directory and paid web directory. For cost effective, free web directory is enough. Of course, there are limitations like one website one category, need to put their link to our website and others. But over all, it's OK using free services.

Submitting websites to web directories
can increase backlinks to our site. Submit to many web directories means get many backlinks. Use good keyword when you fill the form submission out, in the field description and keyword. It can help our websites to be indexed by search engine. Of course, do not forget to keep keyword in the websites too.

101 Ways to Increase traffic

I've got some tips how to increase traffic from a forum, told that there are 101 ways to increase our web traffic. I applied some, and want to complete the other tips.. So many boy.. Not practice it all :D

If you wanna know what the 101 ways, here you are :

101 ways to get more traffic!

1.Write and submit articles . It is a classic, but it works. This will be indefinite traffic stuck in the search engines for you. Write quality unique articles, not articles that are rehashed or provide no insight to readers, which is a huge problem these days.

2.Write and submit press releases, think pr web after you do one

3.Write and ping blog entries. Always make sure to link back to your website with your blog posts. Try making multiple blogs and have them all link back to one main site.

4.Make sure your website is listed in DMOZ:

5.Advertise your website in the appropriate categories at Craigslist. Try posting your ads in the most populated cities in the world.

6.If a niche related forum that you frequently visit allows signatures, then make sure to add your website url in there.

7.Make sure to view related products on You can try and take some customers from your competitors here by providing your own url if the product is similar.

8.Review websites in your niche on Alexa to try to take some of their traffic by including a reference back to your site.

9.Review some related products on opinion.

10.If you purchase a product that you actually like, then feel free to give an individual respect when respect is due and leave a testimonial. You should be able to get some traffic from that website if your testimonial is left with a url.

11.Whenever you send an email to someone, always add your website url as a signature.

12.Keep updating content on your websites/blogs! try at least once per week.

13.Tag blog posts at social bookmarking sites, especially at

14.Add photos to your blog with appropriate keywords.

15.Tag blog photos at Flickr.

16.Politely ask your readers to subscribe to your rss feeds.

17.Try coining your own term. Might want to trademark it if you smell that it will become popular.

18.Encourage readers to comment on your blogs.

19.Include translation for your websites/blogs, especially in Chinese.

20.Do not be boring, write about something that a wide select of people would want to know about.

21.Make sure to edit your writing

22.Comment on other related blogs.

23.Make a custom 404-error page for your website [self-hosted]. You can provide a link back to your main website or even try to monetize it by offering a related affiliate program within your niche.

24.Sponsor a charity, most charities will link back to your website, and you are also doing a good deed .

25.Sell an item on eBay as a charity auction. Most charities will link back to both your auction and your main website.

26.Start a publicity campaign, do something that individuals in your niche will take note of.

27.Brand your website with a logo and a slogan/catch phrase.

28.Hold a crazy contest that people in your niche will talk about. This will equal more links and traffic to your website.

29.Build a tool that individuals in your niche will love and enjoy. Then give it away for free. If the tool is helpful, then you will get quality one-way links to your website.

30.Contact small newsletters sources offline and submit articles to them.

31.Become friends with editors of an offline publication.

32.Give speeches offline. Start small and local. Also, do not forget to participate in toastmasters meetings in your area.

33.Have a GREAT product. All of the marketing/advertising in the world will do you NO good if your product is sub par.

34.Make something innovative. If you are selling information, what makes your content something you cannot get from the local bookstore, Barnes and noble or even eBay for that matter?

35.Is your product groundbreaking? Will you leave individuals with no choice but to talk about your product or service?

36.Are you selling something that wide groups of people want to know about but there is limited/scarce knowledge?

37.Write good content, if your writing is good then people will share it with their friends. In addition, webmasters will use it as content on their website with a reference back to your article, or at least they should.

38.Spark emotions. If you get people emotional about something then they will most likely talk about it.

39.Get a custom t-shirt made with your website url on it, and wear it often.

40.Build a list of subscribers. Your list is like a golden asset to you if utilized correctly.

41.Write tip articles, such as "Ten easy tips to bla-bla-bla."

42.Buy traffic from the search engines by utilizing one of their PPC campaigns.

43.Open up a myspace account and find targeted friends so that you can promote your services to them. Do not spam people, myspace is cracking down on spammers and are starting to sue people.

44.Solicit a link from your local chamber of commerce.

45.Have an easy to remember domain name. If your domain name is too long or not memorable then people may forget your site.

46.Add a bookmark option to your website/blogs.

47.Purchase the misspelled versions of your domain name and have it redirect to your main one.

48.Use keywords in your image alt tags. For example, <img src="image.gif" alt="keywords go head" />

49.Make sure to include appropriate keywords in your title tag, search engines show more prominence or importance to keywords here.

50.Place appropriate keywords in your anchor text when linking.

51.If you have a profile anywhere online, always include appropriate keywords and link back to your website.

52.Try to get links from websites within your niche with a high PR (pagerank). Some the more one-way links (inbound links/backlinks) you have to your website, the higher your pr will become. Pagerank is important because websites with higher PRs tend to have a higher search results in Google. It is a no brainier that if you can get number one for a competitive keyword then you will have enough traffic that you can handleĆ¢€¦ oh by the way its all free targeted traffic to remind you.

53.Outsource grunt work. Time is in essence money!. you can hire individuals at freelance services to send emails, request JV proposals, or to answer questions from prospective or current customers.

54.Offer something for FREE. Abracadabra is not the magic word, FREE is. It is like a worm on a pole for a fish in the water. its bait! Offer a free mini course or free ebook to help collect more subscribers. You can always offer a backend to monetize on this opportunity, such as an affiliate product for example.

55.After someone orders from you offer a one-time offer that compliments your product. For example, if I offered a traffic ebook, then after the individual purchase it would make sense for me to offer a traffic conversion bonus for a limited time only.

56.Become the virus within your niche. Make yourself the bug and have people talking about your product. When people talk about your product then you can induce the viral effect. However, you must give people a reason to talk about you, and being like everyone else is not one.

57.Do your research and find expensive niches to tap into. A good way to do this is to find how expensive someone is paying for a keyword on a PPC search engine. If you can sell items that are more expensive more often then it is a quicker way to get rich .

58.Become an active respected member of niche related forums. You can do this by offering quality posts. Hint Hint, it is not the number of posts you make, it is the quality. Remember, quality or quantity. Many useless or negative posts will have people looking at you funny.

59.Test, test, test. Your flushing money down the toilet if your not testing to see what campaigns are bringing you in the most money compared to which ones are costing you money. When you test, you can eliminate the campaigns that are costing you dollars so that you can properly maximize your marketing efforts. Without proper testing, you are pretty much lost and can't improve. You can only guess to what has or what is working. With proper testing, you do not guess, you know.

60.Stay up to date on what is going on in the world, you can monetize off hot topic trends.

61.Network, when you know more people you can find people that can help you get what you need.

62.Offer an affiliate program for your product or service. Make sure to let your satisfied customers know that you have one, if they like your product then they will be even more delighted to know that they will get money for referring you.

63.Write and give away a free ebook or report. It does not have to be long as long as its quality information neatly formatted and put together. You can also make a brandable ebook or report and allow affiliates the opportunity to brand their affiliate links in there to pass on to the next individual. You can then send this ebook to your subscribers or submit it to ebook directories.

64.Add viral components to your blog such as social bookmarking options, and a refer a friend option.

65.Be funny, people like something that will make them laugh and they will spread it for you if it is a genius idea.

66.Syndicate your content by using an RSS feeds on your website.

67.Answer people's questions on Yahoo! answers with a link to your website in the sources area.

68.Put a link in the "about me" section of your eBay profile.

69.Make and upload a viral video to you tube. Use appropriate keywords in the video description for your target audience.

70.Record an informative podcast and submit them to poplar podcast directories.

71.Provide helpful answers for Google adsense on their help forum with a link back to your website. Go here to check it out:

72.Get people to comment and add content to your site. When they do this, they will provide you unique content, no need to pay for ghostwritten articles.

73.If you cannot get JVs, then try to bribe webmasters for sponsored advertising space on their newsletters.

74.Include a media section on your website so that you will give the media an easy way to stay up to date on what your company is doing.

75.Try to teach a class at your local community college or university. The more exposure you get in the public, the more credibility you will receive.

76.Make a screensaver and make it easy for individuals in your niche to download it. Have eye candy graphics combined with your company logo to brand yourself.

77.Write something controversial and spread it freely to your target market. It can be something as idiotic as the Da Vinci code, but as long people talk about it, its a successful campaign. A few hints, something controversial is something that goes against established beliefs in your market.

78.Write and publish a book. Having your own book is a quick way to gain credibility.

79.Take a guru in your niche out to lunch, and pay for it.

80.Start an organization or club about something. This can be done online through Yahoo! or Google groups.

81.Volunteer. Donate your time to a good clauseĆ¢€¦you can always network with people and form connections at the same time.

82.Get involved in your community and try to run some type of outreach program.

83.Offer good customer service, you may be surprised on how many referrals you get just be having a reliable one.

84.Consider adding a direct mail marketing campaign to your marketing ****nal.

85.Put an ad in your local yellow pages to get some local customers. Yellow pages tend to be more successful then newspaper ads because individuals are looking for a particular service when they are browsing through the yellow pages as opposed to newspapers.

86.Post bulletins in your local supermarket. However, since not everyone may carry a pen or pencil, place your contact information and url on strips on the bottom so that individuals can rip it off and take it with them.

87.Host your own commercial so you can put "as seen on TV" on your products.

88.Conduct surveys and publish them. These make you appear as an expert in your field of study.

89.Break a record or shoot to be in the Guinness world records for something.

90.Make a sitemap for your website.

91.Use a favicon for your site.

92.Make your visitors more involved in your website. You can help accomplish this by adding CGI scripts to your site.

93.Make sure you have no broken links on your site, and make sure that your website shows clearly in all browsers.

94.Find domain names that get traffic, purchase them, and have them redirect to your website.

95.Spell correctly whenever using keywords in writing.

96.Look at sites related to your niche to try to figure out how they get their traffic.

97.Properly optimize your website for the right keywords.

98.Try to avoid java scripts on your website as much as possible.

99.Do not use frames on your website.

100. If your website becomes popular and starts getting lots of traffic, try switching to a dedicated server. The longer you site is down equals the more lost visitors you will have.

101. Write a quality 101 article about a steamy topic that people want to know more about in your niche .

$16 More

Lucky me. A few day before today was very unbelievable. Start from buyblogreviews that sent me an email, told me that my bid was accepted. Hmm.. I've got one important point : BBB finds the cheapest bidder. Wew..

But at least, It proofs that BBB is not a scam site. A day before this day, Paypal sent me an email that told if BBB has sent my earn..

The next, I've got it. Free domain and also hosting for 2 years :D What amazing

After that, I got my Inbox 2 new email. Both from paypal, once again notify me that Blogsvertise pay me. It's $16 again to me reach $100...

And $150 in the middle of August. Just hoping the best for me..

Sstt.. If the building a website project is done, I will re-earn too..

Monetize Your Blog

For first time, maybe it sounds weird or funny. But yeah it really can. We can earn some money from internet. There are some ways we can used. Many Programs we can join to get some money. Having blog or not.

For example : Google Adsense. This program allows you to publish their ads to our blog/ websites. If there are some people click on the ads, we got some $$

Talk perfume in Talkperfume

I love perfume. It makes me more confident. My favorite scent is mild cent that makes me smell simple but also cool. I like simple anyway. I do not like strong scent because it makes me ill-feel. I do not like that one. So, I still wonder if women is using strong scent. What are they supposed to do?

I rarely buy some popular brand of perfume. The most important thing is it smel good. Eventhough it is not a big brand, I will buy it. The mostly, I buy local perfume because they have natural scent. More natural. And also not expensive enough :D But I do not close my eyes if there is a site like, that is reallytalk about perfume. Talk perfume will open my mind to explore the world. Because, in this new site, I got explanations about many kind of perfumes.It’s a great site.

Tips on increasing alexa rank

Alexa rank is now important enough for me. How can I ignore it?It can be very useful when we 'play' on review program. Paid to review program, use this one to rate the blog that is submitted in their database, so advertiser can decide, will use our blog to post the review or not.

Well, how to increase alexa rank? The same answer will you get if you ask question such "How to increase te traffic to our blog??" If the traffic is increase, it means your alexa rank will increase too. Just as simple as that.

Now, to increase the traffic, the simplest way is blogwalking :)

Downgrade PR : N/A or 0??

Wew.. I've checked my blog on and got that this blog is now PR 0. :( What a pity..
I do not realized that this blog is gonna 'down'. Yeah actually, I have made this blog 'alone'. I haven't updated the content. Also I didn't make any link-exchange with other blogger.. Well, it will be my learn on how PR run :D

Just one thing I must keep : Spirit.......!!!

Structure of Commission in Affiliate Marketing

Business on the internet is growing rapidly now days. The business does not influenced by the economical downturn, on the other side; it is developing because many people turn are interested on the ecommerce. With the increasing number of people who are interested on the business and the people’s dependency with internet to search information and products, many systems are developed and it makes internet as a wide field to make money.
Some of us might already hear the term of affiliate marketing and join it. Affiliate marketing works very simple, we just need to promote someone’s products, and we will receive a commission if we manage to sell it. Usually, a person who join this marketing use the effective method of promoting which is write a review of the products. There are so many promoting methods that we can use, but the most important thing we have to understand is the structure of the commission.
If we want to get the best profit, then we have to learn each of the commission system because each of the advertisers might use different system. On an article entitled Commission Structures in Affiliate Advertising that we can access on, we will get complete and detail information about each of the commission system, such as pay per sale, pay per lead and mixed system. This article gives valuable information if we want to get better profit.

mastanto is now released

Hey.. Just wanna share about my hapiness :) At May 27th yesterday, I released my first official web, named is published on wordpress platform. Why I use it? Because I got some presents from Bang Hakim. He is a blogger from Bandung, that a few days ago [almost a month] make a competition. And I was the 6th winner :D

It's OK. One web-hosting in USA with 10G disk space and 100GB monthly bandwith. :D I was so proud and happy received that. So, I used the Bang Hakim's gift to make my own official site. Well, would you mind to go visit it just for a while?? :D

The Owner's birthday

Yeah,, at May 28th, 2009 yesterday, I was 20 years old.. I didn't wanna hold any celebration. But my friends surprised me with some eggs and a few glasses of water. The story begun when I stood by in front of my computer. I realized, if I got out of the laboratory, I would be 'surprised'. But.. my friends have some tricks to get me out and I didn't realized it. A few second after I got out.. And taraa.. I was wet by some eggs and water. Oh my God... This is unpredictable! I should be more aware.

But over all, I was happy. At least I have new friends that still remember my birthday. :D And... Hera I am! I am 20 years old now. I hope will face the great new future. Amin

Easy Way for Data Transfer between PC

Some people are interesting on using Windows vista as their computer program. In order to transfer data from our old computer to the new one, we have various options. We might face some problems if we want to transfer our networked based data. We can get the device to transfer data between PC on Google, but it will give us more problems because we should pick the software that suitable for our program and it will spend our time.

We might able to use the traditional method by using the external disk, but the disk will not able to help us on transferring e-mail message, favorites, and many more data. The article entitled Windows Vista Transferring without Windows Easy Transfer provides us information of the easy way to transfer our networked based data.
We can find this article on the
The article provides various ways to transfer our data and give a perfect solution for the data transfer that will not spend our time and energy. Besides the information about various ways to transfer our data, the article is also give us step by step guide that easy to be followed. When we find difficulties on data transfer, we should read the article to get the solution.

FireFox Resources

I just check my email in Ubuntu archive. And wow.. there a shocking subject. 'FireFox using 500MB of RAM'. What? I was half unbelieve it. I am FireFox user. Every day, everytime, I use it on my online activity.

But, exactly, yeah FireFox is really consumtic in memory, especially the newest one; Firefox 3.0.10.

I asked to my friend how to see memory consumtion in Ubuntu, and he gimme the instruction. It's through System Monitor that you can access from System » Administration.

I can't believe it! One page you open in Firefox [include in this category new tab] is 'eat' memory! If you open pages with full ajax or flash, it might be happen. So, I just wonder if in my ubuntu maling-list there's a man that told us if his firefox consumtion is 1 GB! What kind of pages are he open?

How is yours?

New Feature From Google

I just do like usual, when I put my attention to the new Google's Search Engine Result. I was login at that time. It is defferent than usual. It is not all, just partial. Look at the screenshot below :

Look at the red rectangle I've made. Those are the new feature. But you can only see it if you are logged in. I just wonder if it is depends on browser. So I moved to another computer and used Opera. It is just the same. 

With the features, we can move our blog/ site to the top of the Google's SERP, give some comments and 'delete' some search query that we do not like. But delete here is not permanently delete. It's just moved the query to the bottom of the Google's SERP below notification sentence 'You have removed results from this search.' . Do not worry if you want to put it back,just click 'Restore' :)

Finally, First Payment From Blogsvertise


I can smile now, a big smile one.. :) It's jus because I received twoemail notification from Paypal. It told me that I am now have $20 in my account. :D It can be my spirit!!

I joined blogsvertise about one past month. And I've done 4 jobs. Two of them, has been paid as you now this day :D I feel so happy, exciting, glad and much more.. It's mixed! 

But, at least it makes me trust that Blogsvertise is truly paid review program. Now, I am waiting about the next job and the next payment :). 

Here is the screenshot :

Do not laughing that my account is still unverified.. I just want to make it verified :)

How to get traffic instantly?

Another thing that important enough is traffic.. How to get incredible traffic? Yeah of course you must give visitor great content, being a good attitude, do link exchange, promoting your blog and bla bla bla.. But, it take some time.
Wanna have instant traffic? Once more, gimme click on 'Read More' below :D

The secret is by joining entrecard. What is it? Entrecard is a site that able to give you instant traffic, that is a free advertising exchange network that allow user to advertise their own Entrecard ad on any blog in the network for free for a day. Ads are paid for through Entrecard Credits that user earned by visiting other blogs in the Entrecard network and dropping off the "cards" at those blogs via a special Entrecard widget, which appears on every participating blog in the Entrecard network, like at my right sidebar.

I join this site and get traffic that so amazing a day. I am very recommend this site for you. Do not worry, it is free. :)

Have new look of your Ubuntu

Ubuntu is now being a leader of the Linuxer. The Ubuntu user, is claimed the biggest than any other Linux distros. That's why I am so proud being a Ubuntu user. Ubuntu use gnome as the default desktop, adopting Mac. You'll maybe find [or use?] KDE desktop out there. The KDE is adopting Windo$$ desktop. If you do not mind, just take a look in the newest Windo$$ version, W7 and KDE. The difference is Windo$$ now seems following KDE. But it does not a matter.
If you're boring with your recent Ubuntu theme, why don't you download new theme?

Site I often visit is There, you can find not only theme, splashscreen, gdm, and many more. It's great! Just try it by yourself. I promise you'll find unique, cool and/or great theme.

Ubuntu is flexible. We can make it looks like Mac or Windo$$. It's easy...

Increasing backlink [2]

After we leave a/ some comment[s] in other blog correctly, there is another way to increase backlink. This one is quiet work. Do you want to know, how? Sstt... please hit 'Read more first'

The way is, finding and leave a comment in a dofollow blog. It works! Just try it.

But, what is dofollow blog?
Dofollow blog is blog that delete 'rel=nofollow' in comment-section. It means, if we leave some comments in their blog, Google will crawl it as a backlink to our blog. Mostly, blogger is still let their blog in 'nofollow'. So if we leave any comments in their blog, Google will not follow or ignore it and for the impact, we do not have a backlink from comments in their blog. Isn't it a pity?

So.. it's time for hunting 'dofollow' blog?!!! :D

Creating Free Forum + Hosting

Are you want to make a forum? Afraid on the cost? No fear again. I just found this site. I think it is a great site that provide free forum, hosting, unlimited space, secure, automatic update, free image hosting, support on chatting, gallery, calendar, portal, game and many more; free [sub] domain and free skin for your forum. That's all free for you. You do not need to do something. Just sign up, next, next and done. :D

It is Forumotion that give the great free forum. This forum available on phpBB2, phpBB3, punBB and invision.

So what are you waiting for? Just have your own forum..

JeyJey is great

Finally, this day I upgraded my machine-system, Intrepid Ibex to JeyJey. :) What is JeyJey? Jaunty Jackalope of course. It is the newest Ubuntu version released at April 23rd, 2009. It is just a few days ago :D
I've been waiting for this time. In the Canonical explained that there are some great diferences on JeyJey. The thing I want to proof is the boot time that is promised, will be fast. And taraaa it is. :)

I love the notification area. It's great! Seems elegan :) In JeyJey, the developers said and claimed that it will be fast. And yes, it is. I've proven it. JeyJey is great, fast and cool. Make sure you are a Ubuntu user too.. :)

[Basic] Increasing Backlink

Backlink becomes important enough when you join [or want to] some paying program. Beside, if you want to make your page rank increases. I always think backlink is very vital to support our blog traffic to increase, increase and increase.
But, mostly bloggers did a little thing that it make themselves lost some backlinks. What are they? Just check it out.

Giving comment in another blog is my first recomendation. But, if you are a blogspot user [blogger], u should give attention when you've done writing comment. Before you decide to click submit button, take a look at 'Comment as' in embedded comment-box or 'Choose an identity' if on pop-up comment-box. Make sure that you select 'Name/ URL'. Why? Because if you let the Google account as your indentity, I am sure that you'll lose your backlink.
Mostly blogger missed this one.

How if there is no 'Name/ URL' option? It's easy. Just leave it. There are milions other blogs :D

Buy Quality Trade Show Displays at Camelback Displays

Are you arranging your company trade show short in the future? Have you known the importance of such trade show? Well, if you have ever had a trade show before, you surely have understood that such event is important for your company marketing campaign. Since a trade show is the right time to promote your company and your products, you need to make your trade show as best as possible. To make your trade show best, you will need to have quality trade show supplies. Then, finding the right supplier is the next important thing to do.

You can go to if you want to buy quality trade show supplies online. This is one stop shop for any needs of trade show supplies. You can firstly find wide collections of trade show exhibits. This item will enable you to show off your products including your new launched products. Every visitor to the trade show will be able to see your products clearly as they are exhibited perfectly. There are also collections of table covers. You can buy one that meets your special theme or even buy a customized one.

Moreover, to complete your table cover, you can buy table top display at this online store. There are some collections that you can choose. If you find difficulties in matching it, you can have free consultation with knowledgeable staffs of this online store. So, if you need any trade show supplies, this online store is the right place to buy.

The Easiest Way to Gain More Money

You could be the one who has been spending a lot of time just to find the better way to earn much more money, couldn’t you? Well this fact is definitely something that occurs not only to you but also to many other people in this world. But you can now get more chances to gain more money by internet. How is that possible, anyway? Well, it is easy, in fact, and considering the online money making has been something most people refer to, you should also try to do so.

But first, there is a website you would need to visit before you can simply increase your income. It is the PayingPost.Com we are talking about here. Through this website, many bloggers can register themselves and meet the opportunity to do writing review products offered by some advertisers. Both parties should register themselves to be able utilizing what this website has provided. So we can say that this website is some place in where there happens the traffic between the bloggers and the advertisers.

For the bloggers, it is of course the easiest way to get money, indeed. But there are some advantages an advertiser could gain once they have conducted the blog advertising, for sure. To advertise on blogs could mean to press down the costs of the marketing way. It is also something that can increase the income towards a company since blogs are some kinds of media which are accessible for anybody in this world so a company can try to spread its business right away. There is a section inside of the website that will simply explain you, as an advertiser, what the advantages of blog advertising are. Interested? So why don’t you just get yourself right into the website at this current time and then you can definitely get more comprehensive information on how this system works actually?

Stylish Men Guide

Admit it or not, women are usually impressed to men with neat and stylish performance. Especially with the natural habit of sloppiness, men who can always looks great in every occasion will represent a good personality and self management. So, if you are wondering why there is no woman who looks at you twice when they first meet you, you maybe have to start improving your style so they will be interested to know you better. It is true that we are not suppose to judge a book from it’s cover, but this is a reality that we have to compromise with, if we want to be noticed in a positive way in our community.

If you don’t know where to start, let ShopWiki.Com helps you with the men’s suits buying guide. This website will provide you the complete guidance in picking the right clothing combination according to the specific occasion. You can also purchase the apparels directly here and save a lot of money by comparing the prices offered by the online stores.

You can also take a look at the Men’s pants buying guide to see which pants which will best suits your body type. Want to look neater? Don’t miss the Shirts and Ties section because here you can learn in how to transform to be a price of every woman’s dream.

Different Looking with Light Fixtures

It seems great to have your home is looked different. Maybe you have bored with your entire home looking. I think some light fixtures will help. You will get your home be more beautiful with them. If you plan to pick some, why do not you visit Farreys that provides nice home lighting, ceiling light fixtures, chandeliers, bathroom light fixtures and many other accesories.

Farreys, a great webstore that offers hundreds of light fixtures and also outdoor light fixtures in a wide range of styles, is established since 1924. So, no doubt about their services. They claim that they give all products at the lowest prices from dozens of top manufacturers. Now you no need to be confused again if you want to search light fixtures.

One of this site's advantages is you can shop by light fixture brand or by light fixture application or by style. Their lighting product search tool quickly helps find the perfect lights for your application and of course in a low price. Well, you may find it out to make it sure.

Get your lighting fixtures at Visit the website to see all that they have or call them at 888-854-5483. They have been around since 1924 so they must be doing something right. Check them out right now.

If you want to make a deal with, you can buy it online. They accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Orders will be billed in full at time of shipping. So what are you waiting??

Easy way to download from Rapidshare

As we knew, Rapidshare is a very great site. There are a lot software there. Many kind of software. I am also like to hunt files there. But, unfortunately, to free-user [unregistered member] Rapidshare just limits one download in a time and the bandwith is very slow.. It's annoying. :D But i know how tweak it. I use Rapidleech.

RapidLeech is :
a free server transfer script for use on various popular upload/download sites such as - The script transfers files from rapid share (for example) via your fast servers connection speed and dumps the file on your server.
The script was originally created by Vyrus who wrote the script in russian. The script then got modified by various people who then released copies, encrypted the source code and made so-called improvements. [taken from]

How to ...

  1. Find Rapidleech server. You can ask Google or just using some links below.
  2. Copy your RS link and paste it on the download link box
  3. Here are some screenshot when using :

    Then, klik 'Save' buton. Wait for a second and just save it :)
    You are now downloading the file with premium speed :D

Typing Master Pro 7.1

If you wanna train your typing-skill, this software may help you. As the name, Typing master is used and I very recommended it to anyone who want to increase their 10-finger-typing skill.

As said in the official website of Typing Master,
TypingMaster Pro is a professional typing tutor that helps you to double your typing speed. With TypingMaster Pro it takes only a couple of hours to learn the blazing fast touch typing system. As a result you will save hours and hours of time!

Why you don't try it? It is a very nice and helpful software.

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