New Feature From Google

I just do like usual, when I put my attention to the new Google's Search Engine Result. I was login at that time. It is defferent than usual. It is not all, just partial. Look at the screenshot below :

Look at the red rectangle I've made. Those are the new feature. But you can only see it if you are logged in. I just wonder if it is depends on browser. So I moved to another computer and used Opera. It is just the same. 

With the features, we can move our blog/ site to the top of the Google's SERP, give some comments and 'delete' some search query that we do not like. But delete here is not permanently delete. It's just moved the query to the bottom of the Google's SERP below notification sentence 'You have removed results from this search.' . Do not worry if you want to put it back,just click 'Restore' :)


Joomla tutorial tips and tricks said...

If I not forget, that is SEOQuake effect, isn't it?

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