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I just check my email in Ubuntu archive. And wow.. there a shocking subject. 'FireFox using 500MB of RAM'. What? I was half unbelieve it. I am FireFox user. Every day, everytime, I use it on my online activity.

But, exactly, yeah FireFox is really consumtic in memory, especially the newest one; Firefox 3.0.10.

I asked to my friend how to see memory consumtion in Ubuntu, and he gimme the instruction. It's through System Monitor that you can access from System » Administration.

I can't believe it! One page you open in Firefox [include in this category new tab] is 'eat' memory! If you open pages with full ajax or flash, it might be happen. So, I just wonder if in my ubuntu maling-list there's a man that told us if his firefox consumtion is 1 GB! What kind of pages are he open?

How is yours?


Tweak Your Internet Connection said...

Use Firefox Ultimate Optimizer, to decrease your firefox memory consume, but its just work for windows.

for Linuxer... I don't know the program like FUO,
Simple way.. search using budhe google..

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