JeyJey is great

Finally, this day I upgraded my machine-system, Intrepid Ibex to JeyJey. :) What is JeyJey? Jaunty Jackalope of course. It is the newest Ubuntu version released at April 23rd, 2009. It is just a few days ago :D
I've been waiting for this time. In the Canonical explained that there are some great diferences on JeyJey. The thing I want to proof is the boot time that is promised, will be fast. And taraaa it is. :)

I love the notification area. It's great! Seems elegan :) In JeyJey, the developers said and claimed that it will be fast. And yes, it is. I've proven it. JeyJey is great, fast and cool. Make sure you are a Ubuntu user too.. :)


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