[Basic] Increasing Backlink

Backlink becomes important enough when you join [or want to] some paying program. Beside, if you want to make your page rank increases. I always think backlink is very vital to support our blog traffic to increase, increase and increase.
But, mostly bloggers did a little thing that it make themselves lost some backlinks. What are they? Just check it out.

Giving comment in another blog is my first recomendation. But, if you are a blogspot user [blogger], u should give attention when you've done writing comment. Before you decide to click submit button, take a look at 'Comment as' in embedded comment-box or 'Choose an identity' if on pop-up comment-box. Make sure that you select 'Name/ URL'. Why? Because if you let the Google account as your indentity, I am sure that you'll lose your backlink.
Mostly blogger missed this one.

How if there is no 'Name/ URL' option? It's easy. Just leave it. There are milions other blogs :D


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