Zeemote bluetooth controller to be launched with Sony Ericsson W760

'zeemote'For those who love mobile gaming, this must be a great news for all of you–especially who live in Netherland. Zeemote JS1 controller is about to be launched within next week, bundled with Sony Ericsson W760. W760 is a global Walkman which supports HSDPA connectivity.

What is this Zeemote anyway? If you have ever seen Nintendo Wii’s nunchuck, Zeemote is kind of like that. It has an analog nubbin on the top and a button to turn it on, and then three buttons on the underside: ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’; while connected via bluetooth. The controller will act as joystick to play mobile gaming in phones. Quite cute, huh?

Unfortunately, the gadget will only be sold in Netherland. But I am sure that soon or later, the device will be offered in wider area, at least in West European region.



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