Finding files in Rapidshare

Rapidshare search engine, what a special site. This site is not commonly search engine. RSE is different from google, even though, principly, it is. This engine is built for Rapidshare file-hunters. If you a Rapidshare file-hunter this site is so useful. Sometimes when we need some files and we wanna search it in Rapidshare, but we dunno where to find it. Why don't try this site to help you?? Rapidshare search engine helps you to find any fie in Rp. So we can go to the file directory [location] and just download it.

I used to go to there to find files I need. I love it. That's not bad. Very easy. Just type the name of files you wan to search and hit enter. So many options in the result. Just choose and click. That's all!

But .. unfortunately, if you get passworded rar/zip files, you can't easily open it. But, nothing to worry. Outside there you can find rar password breaker software :)

Over all.. the site is great and very useful. The points of using RSE are choose, choose and click. :)

You should also trying this sites to search files.

Happy searching ...


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