Have new look of your Ubuntu

Ubuntu is now being a leader of the Linuxer. The Ubuntu user, is claimed the biggest than any other Linux distros. That's why I am so proud being a Ubuntu user. Ubuntu use gnome as the default desktop, adopting Mac. You'll maybe find [or use?] KDE desktop out there. The KDE is adopting Windo$$ desktop. If you do not mind, just take a look in the newest Windo$$ version, W7 and KDE. The difference is Windo$$ now seems following KDE. But it does not a matter.
If you're boring with your recent Ubuntu theme, why don't you download new theme?

Site I often visit is gnome-look.org. There, you can find not only theme, splashscreen, gdm, and many more. It's great! Just try it by yourself. I promise you'll find unique, cool and/or great theme.

Ubuntu is flexible. We can make it looks like Mac or Windo$$. It's easy...


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