$16 More

Lucky me. A few day before today was very unbelievable. Start from buyblogreviews that sent me an email, told me that my bid was accepted. Hmm.. I've got one important point : BBB finds the cheapest bidder. Wew..

But at least, It proofs that BBB is not a scam site. A day before this day, Paypal sent me an email that told if BBB has sent my earn..

The next, I've got it. Free domain and also hosting for 2 years :D What amazing

After that, I got my Inbox 2 new email. Both from paypal, once again notify me that Blogsvertise pay me. It's $16 again to me reach $100...

And $150 in the middle of August. Just hoping the best for me..

Sstt.. If the building a website project is done, I will re-earn too..


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