Proxy Finder Enterprise v2.5

007 Proxy Finder's drab, plainly-designed interface merely has a large panel displaying found proxies. It's not difficult to operate, with only buttons for searching proxies and saving the list into text files.

007 Proxy Finder quickly compiles a long proxy list found by other parties, but there is no measure of the availability or speed of the addresses. Your only recourse is to manually configure your browser to check eachproxy. The program also lacks a function to save the proxy list or mark previously found favorite addresses.Though it operates simply enough even for the most novice user, we can't verify the effectiveness of this utility. We recommend you try anotherproxy finder or simply find a current list of free proxies through the Internet.

Automatically search and extract free proxy server from Web sites that provides daily updated proxy list. All the public free proxies can help you access Internet easily, faster and even anonymous surf and protect your computer privacy. Very fast find speed, just in 30 seconds, it will give you 3000+ proxies server addresses. Version 2.5 added more proxy list leeched.


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