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I love perfume. It makes me more confident. My favorite scent is mild cent that makes me smell simple but also cool. I like simple anyway. I do not like strong scent because it makes me ill-feel. I do not like that one. So, I still wonder if women is using strong scent. What are they supposed to do?

I rarely buy some popular brand of perfume. The most important thing is it smel good. Eventhough it is not a big brand, I will buy it. The mostly, I buy local perfume because they have natural scent. More natural. And also not expensive enough :D But I do not close my eyes if there is a site like, that is reallytalk about perfume. Talk perfume will open my mind to explore the world. Because, in this new site, I got explanations about many kind of perfumes.It’s a great site.


The fachia said...

I love parfum too. Hehe,,

story of diamon city said...

i like your blog, nice article...

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