mastanto is now released

Hey.. Just wanna share about my hapiness :) At May 27th yesterday, I released my first official web, named is published on wordpress platform. Why I use it? Because I got some presents from Bang Hakim. He is a blogger from Bandung, that a few days ago [almost a month] make a competition. And I was the 6th winner :D

It's OK. One web-hosting in USA with 10G disk space and 100GB monthly bandwith. :D I was so proud and happy received that. So, I used the Bang Hakim's gift to make my own official site. Well, would you mind to go visit it just for a while?? :D

The Owner's birthday

Yeah,, at May 28th, 2009 yesterday, I was 20 years old.. I didn't wanna hold any celebration. But my friends surprised me with some eggs and a few glasses of water. The story begun when I stood by in front of my computer. I realized, if I got out of the laboratory, I would be 'surprised'. But.. my friends have some tricks to get me out and I didn't realized it. A few second after I got out.. And taraa.. I was wet by some eggs and water. Oh my God... This is unpredictable! I should be more aware.

But over all, I was happy. At least I have new friends that still remember my birthday. :D And... Hera I am! I am 20 years old now. I hope will face the great new future. Amin

Easy Way for Data Transfer between PC

Some people are interesting on using Windows vista as their computer program. In order to transfer data from our old computer to the new one, we have various options. We might face some problems if we want to transfer our networked based data. We can get the device to transfer data between PC on Google, but it will give us more problems because we should pick the software that suitable for our program and it will spend our time.

We might able to use the traditional method by using the external disk, but the disk will not able to help us on transferring e-mail message, favorites, and many more data. The article entitled Windows Vista Transferring without Windows Easy Transfer provides us information of the easy way to transfer our networked based data.
We can find this article on the
The article provides various ways to transfer our data and give a perfect solution for the data transfer that will not spend our time and energy. Besides the information about various ways to transfer our data, the article is also give us step by step guide that easy to be followed. When we find difficulties on data transfer, we should read the article to get the solution.

FireFox Resources

I just check my email in Ubuntu archive. And wow.. there a shocking subject. 'FireFox using 500MB of RAM'. What? I was half unbelieve it. I am FireFox user. Every day, everytime, I use it on my online activity.

But, exactly, yeah FireFox is really consumtic in memory, especially the newest one; Firefox 3.0.10.

I asked to my friend how to see memory consumtion in Ubuntu, and he gimme the instruction. It's through System Monitor that you can access from System » Administration.

I can't believe it! One page you open in Firefox [include in this category new tab] is 'eat' memory! If you open pages with full ajax or flash, it might be happen. So, I just wonder if in my ubuntu maling-list there's a man that told us if his firefox consumtion is 1 GB! What kind of pages are he open?

How is yours?

New Feature From Google

I just do like usual, when I put my attention to the new Google's Search Engine Result. I was login at that time. It is defferent than usual. It is not all, just partial. Look at the screenshot below :

Look at the red rectangle I've made. Those are the new feature. But you can only see it if you are logged in. I just wonder if it is depends on browser. So I moved to another computer and used Opera. It is just the same. 

With the features, we can move our blog/ site to the top of the Google's SERP, give some comments and 'delete' some search query that we do not like. But delete here is not permanently delete. It's just moved the query to the bottom of the Google's SERP below notification sentence 'You have removed results from this search.' . Do not worry if you want to put it back,just click 'Restore' :)

Finally, First Payment From Blogsvertise


I can smile now, a big smile one.. :) It's jus because I received twoemail notification from Paypal. It told me that I am now have $20 in my account. :D It can be my spirit!!

I joined blogsvertise about one past month. And I've done 4 jobs. Two of them, has been paid as you now this day :D I feel so happy, exciting, glad and much more.. It's mixed! 

But, at least it makes me trust that Blogsvertise is truly paid review program. Now, I am waiting about the next job and the next payment :). 

Here is the screenshot :

Do not laughing that my account is still unverified.. I just want to make it verified :)

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