How to get traffic instantly?

Another thing that important enough is traffic.. How to get incredible traffic? Yeah of course you must give visitor great content, being a good attitude, do link exchange, promoting your blog and bla bla bla.. But, it take some time.
Wanna have instant traffic? Once more, gimme click on 'Read More' below :D

The secret is by joining entrecard. What is it? Entrecard is a site that able to give you instant traffic, that is a free advertising exchange network that allow user to advertise their own Entrecard ad on any blog in the network for free for a day. Ads are paid for through Entrecard Credits that user earned by visiting other blogs in the Entrecard network and dropping off the "cards" at those blogs via a special Entrecard widget, which appears on every participating blog in the Entrecard network, like at my right sidebar.

I join this site and get traffic that so amazing a day. I am very recommend this site for you. Do not worry, it is free. :)

Have new look of your Ubuntu

Ubuntu is now being a leader of the Linuxer. The Ubuntu user, is claimed the biggest than any other Linux distros. That's why I am so proud being a Ubuntu user. Ubuntu use gnome as the default desktop, adopting Mac. You'll maybe find [or use?] KDE desktop out there. The KDE is adopting Windo$$ desktop. If you do not mind, just take a look in the newest Windo$$ version, W7 and KDE. The difference is Windo$$ now seems following KDE. But it does not a matter.
If you're boring with your recent Ubuntu theme, why don't you download new theme?

Site I often visit is There, you can find not only theme, splashscreen, gdm, and many more. It's great! Just try it by yourself. I promise you'll find unique, cool and/or great theme.

Ubuntu is flexible. We can make it looks like Mac or Windo$$. It's easy...

Increasing backlink [2]

After we leave a/ some comment[s] in other blog correctly, there is another way to increase backlink. This one is quiet work. Do you want to know, how? Sstt... please hit 'Read more first'

The way is, finding and leave a comment in a dofollow blog. It works! Just try it.

But, what is dofollow blog?
Dofollow blog is blog that delete 'rel=nofollow' in comment-section. It means, if we leave some comments in their blog, Google will crawl it as a backlink to our blog. Mostly, blogger is still let their blog in 'nofollow'. So if we leave any comments in their blog, Google will not follow or ignore it and for the impact, we do not have a backlink from comments in their blog. Isn't it a pity?

So.. it's time for hunting 'dofollow' blog?!!! :D

Creating Free Forum + Hosting

Are you want to make a forum? Afraid on the cost? No fear again. I just found this site. I think it is a great site that provide free forum, hosting, unlimited space, secure, automatic update, free image hosting, support on chatting, gallery, calendar, portal, game and many more; free [sub] domain and free skin for your forum. That's all free for you. You do not need to do something. Just sign up, next, next and done. :D

It is Forumotion that give the great free forum. This forum available on phpBB2, phpBB3, punBB and invision.

So what are you waiting for? Just have your own forum..

JeyJey is great

Finally, this day I upgraded my machine-system, Intrepid Ibex to JeyJey. :) What is JeyJey? Jaunty Jackalope of course. It is the newest Ubuntu version released at April 23rd, 2009. It is just a few days ago :D
I've been waiting for this time. In the Canonical explained that there are some great diferences on JeyJey. The thing I want to proof is the boot time that is promised, will be fast. And taraaa it is. :)

I love the notification area. It's great! Seems elegan :) In JeyJey, the developers said and claimed that it will be fast. And yes, it is. I've proven it. JeyJey is great, fast and cool. Make sure you are a Ubuntu user too.. :)

[Basic] Increasing Backlink

Backlink becomes important enough when you join [or want to] some paying program. Beside, if you want to make your page rank increases. I always think backlink is very vital to support our blog traffic to increase, increase and increase.
But, mostly bloggers did a little thing that it make themselves lost some backlinks. What are they? Just check it out.

Giving comment in another blog is my first recomendation. But, if you are a blogspot user [blogger], u should give attention when you've done writing comment. Before you decide to click submit button, take a look at 'Comment as' in embedded comment-box or 'Choose an identity' if on pop-up comment-box. Make sure that you select 'Name/ URL'. Why? Because if you let the Google account as your indentity, I am sure that you'll lose your backlink.
Mostly blogger missed this one.

How if there is no 'Name/ URL' option? It's easy. Just leave it. There are milions other blogs :D

Buy Quality Trade Show Displays at Camelback Displays

Are you arranging your company trade show short in the future? Have you known the importance of such trade show? Well, if you have ever had a trade show before, you surely have understood that such event is important for your company marketing campaign. Since a trade show is the right time to promote your company and your products, you need to make your trade show as best as possible. To make your trade show best, you will need to have quality trade show supplies. Then, finding the right supplier is the next important thing to do.

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Moreover, to complete your table cover, you can buy table top display at this online store. There are some collections that you can choose. If you find difficulties in matching it, you can have free consultation with knowledgeable staffs of this online store. So, if you need any trade show supplies, this online store is the right place to buy.

The Easiest Way to Gain More Money

You could be the one who has been spending a lot of time just to find the better way to earn much more money, couldn’t you? Well this fact is definitely something that occurs not only to you but also to many other people in this world. But you can now get more chances to gain more money by internet. How is that possible, anyway? Well, it is easy, in fact, and considering the online money making has been something most people refer to, you should also try to do so.

But first, there is a website you would need to visit before you can simply increase your income. It is the PayingPost.Com we are talking about here. Through this website, many bloggers can register themselves and meet the opportunity to do writing review products offered by some advertisers. Both parties should register themselves to be able utilizing what this website has provided. So we can say that this website is some place in where there happens the traffic between the bloggers and the advertisers.

For the bloggers, it is of course the easiest way to get money, indeed. But there are some advantages an advertiser could gain once they have conducted the blog advertising, for sure. To advertise on blogs could mean to press down the costs of the marketing way. It is also something that can increase the income towards a company since blogs are some kinds of media which are accessible for anybody in this world so a company can try to spread its business right away. There is a section inside of the website that will simply explain you, as an advertiser, what the advantages of blog advertising are. Interested? So why don’t you just get yourself right into the website at this current time and then you can definitely get more comprehensive information on how this system works actually?
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