How to access blocked site

It is now easy to enter and access blocked site, if your company or your school blocked some sites, includes your favorite ones. I know, that is boring and stucked. Here are some tips.
#1 Go to the proxy web
There are a lot of web proxy out there. Use Google to find it. Use keyword 'free web proxy'. When you have got it, do not use any url that contain word 'proxy'. Usually your webmaster blocked it too.

#2 Use IP Proxy
Using this one is more comfortable, I think. Here are some links to download it. Get many IPs and get yourself free.

#3 Install 3rd party program
If you want to directly get access to your favorite sites without settings anything, find 3rd party program. But I do not guarantee. For example proxy way

What is Proxy

Proxy in simple description, can be used for 'escaping' to the internet for surfing, browsing or another if your connection is blocked by your server. It's a great way to visit your favorite website, like Youtube, facebook, or other blocked site.
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