Monetize Your Blog

For first time, maybe it sounds weird or funny. But yeah it really can. We can earn some money from internet. There are some ways we can used. Many Programs we can join to get some money. Having blog or not.

For example : Google Adsense. This program allows you to publish their ads to our blog/ websites. If there are some people click on the ads, we got some $$

Talk perfume in Talkperfume

I love perfume. It makes me more confident. My favorite scent is mild cent that makes me smell simple but also cool. I like simple anyway. I do not like strong scent because it makes me ill-feel. I do not like that one. So, I still wonder if women is using strong scent. What are they supposed to do?

I rarely buy some popular brand of perfume. The most important thing is it smel good. Eventhough it is not a big brand, I will buy it. The mostly, I buy local perfume because they have natural scent. More natural. And also not expensive enough :D But I do not close my eyes if there is a site like, that is reallytalk about perfume. Talk perfume will open my mind to explore the world. Because, in this new site, I got explanations about many kind of perfumes.It’s a great site.

Tips on increasing alexa rank

Alexa rank is now important enough for me. How can I ignore it?It can be very useful when we 'play' on review program. Paid to review program, use this one to rate the blog that is submitted in their database, so advertiser can decide, will use our blog to post the review or not.

Well, how to increase alexa rank? The same answer will you get if you ask question such "How to increase te traffic to our blog??" If the traffic is increase, it means your alexa rank will increase too. Just as simple as that.

Now, to increase the traffic, the simplest way is blogwalking :)

Downgrade PR : N/A or 0??

Wew.. I've checked my blog on and got that this blog is now PR 0. :( What a pity..
I do not realized that this blog is gonna 'down'. Yeah actually, I have made this blog 'alone'. I haven't updated the content. Also I didn't make any link-exchange with other blogger.. Well, it will be my learn on how PR run :D

Just one thing I must keep : Spirit.......!!!

Structure of Commission in Affiliate Marketing

Business on the internet is growing rapidly now days. The business does not influenced by the economical downturn, on the other side; it is developing because many people turn are interested on the ecommerce. With the increasing number of people who are interested on the business and the people’s dependency with internet to search information and products, many systems are developed and it makes internet as a wide field to make money.
Some of us might already hear the term of affiliate marketing and join it. Affiliate marketing works very simple, we just need to promote someone’s products, and we will receive a commission if we manage to sell it. Usually, a person who join this marketing use the effective method of promoting which is write a review of the products. There are so many promoting methods that we can use, but the most important thing we have to understand is the structure of the commission.
If we want to get the best profit, then we have to learn each of the commission system because each of the advertisers might use different system. On an article entitled Commission Structures in Affiliate Advertising that we can access on, we will get complete and detail information about each of the commission system, such as pay per sale, pay per lead and mixed system. This article gives valuable information if we want to get better profit.
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