Increasing traffic by submitting websites to web directories

For a web, being indexed by Google and many other search engines is very important. That's very useless if we build some web sites but search engine doesn't indexed it. Being indexed by SE [Search Engine], especially Google as the biggest SE recently, make some advantages. Google seems support in promote our site and is impressed our site is one of the recommended results.

But to be indexed, in fact, not as easy as we imagine. There are many competitors out there, that have the same purpose, be in top 10 search result. Some of the requirements that we need to be indexed are having many backlink and good keyword. If both requirements are combine with good web optimization, it is not possible to be in top 10 SERP [Search Engine Results Page].

We could use web directory to make our site standing in the search engine. There are two categories of web directory; free web directory and paid web directory. For cost effective, free web directory is enough. Of course, there are limitations like one website one category, need to put their link to our website and others. But over all, it's OK using free services.

Submitting websites to web directories
can increase backlinks to our site. Submit to many web directories means get many backlinks. Use good keyword when you fill the form submission out, in the field description and keyword. It can help our websites to be indexed by search engine. Of course, do not forget to keep keyword in the websites too.


ark said...

How come I don't see any directory buttons in this site?

chris said...

Ark there are Diffrent Types of Directories some ask to put a badge on your site others don't.If we put the Badge or links to all the Directories then the blog would look ugly.

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