Change or Delete Label number

Label is usually represented our categorized posts. If you don't find it at your blog, you can add it easily. Just go to Setting, Layout, then choose Page Elements. Find Labels and click Add to Blog. One of the advantages of using labels in our blog is our visitors can easily find posts in its category. The default of number behind labels is label name (labels number). If you want to change it to be label name [labels number] or label name <labels number> or label name - labels number; follow these steps.
Steps #1
Go to Edit Html, give check sign for 'Expand Tmplate Widget'.

Step #2
Find the code (<data :label.count/>). Then change '(' and ')' with sign you like.
For example :
[<data :label.count/>] makes label name [labels number]
{<data :label.count/>} makes label name {labels number}
- <data :label.count/> makes label name - labels number

But the number behind the labels sometimes disturb us. Just imagine when we have written posts for 'Tips' and total of the posts with label 'Tips' is 1000. Isn't it disturb?? Ok, how to make it?? Here we go.

Step #1
Just delete code (<data :label.count/>). And you are done :D


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