Hunting files instead of Rapidshare

As a files directory, Rapidshare could be said so complete. But as we know, Rapidshare can be nice if we have premium account. That's be one of few hidrances for us. Yeah.. actually we can asked in the internet for download without limitations using Rapidshare for free user. But that is not the point. I will write about sites that can be used for hunting files, without limitations.
Have you ever heard about 'ftp'?? That will we be used. FTP sites. With FTP site we can share folder and files. Yeah.. the fact is many ftp sitees is protected by password. But dont worry. :)
Step # 1 -- Enter to
special search engine for ftp

Some sites that you can try are

Step #2 -- Do searching
Note : Sometimes you'll find some broken ftp sites or enter site that
need login [protected].

Additional info

Just for example here is some ftp sites that you can try :


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