How to make split post in blogger.

Have you ever seen any blogs/ any sites articles displaying splitted article and after you click “Read More..” or just “more…” or maybe “[…]” or something like that; the full article showed???

Like we know, blogger doesn't provide any tool to make it. So let's tweak it. This time I wanna share how to make your article splitted.
  1. Well if you don’t, please follow this steps: from dashboard click Layout>Edit Html, of course after you logged on]
  2. Type or copy this code, then enter it before } ]]></b:skin> or after
    </head> If you wanna find it faster you can use search tool in your browser or
    use the keyboard combination --usually Ctrl+F; and enter what you want to search.
  3. Then type / copy the code below and put it after code
    here is the code ...

    <b:if cond =’data:blog.pageType != “item”’>
    <a expr:href=’data:post.url’> Read more … </a>

  4. Attention : You can change the word “Read more …” with another word like “more….” or another else.
  5. Now, if you wanna make splitted post, just put <span class=”fullpost”> where you want the “Read more …” appear, then at the end of your post, put </span>, be sure you do this step in Html mode not in Compose mode.

    Maybe typing this code every time you wanna publish your post is not effective. So follow this step then. Go to Settings>Format> find Post Template then type <span class=”fullpost”></span> and save it. Next time, when you want to create a post in Html mode, you’ll find that code. Just format it where it’ll be placed.

    Example : You have an article or something.

    “Hi..! I am thom. I am a new Indonesian blogger. You may contact me by send me email at"

    And you want to the text like this.

    “Hi..! I am thom. I am a new Indonesian blogger.

    So, the format should be :

    "Hi..! I am thom. I am a new Indonesian blogger. <span class=”fullpost”> You may contact me by send me email at </span>"

    Remember : you must typed it in HTML mode only.

  6. Good luck and Go blogging…….


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