Hiding Blogger navbar

How to remove hide Blogger navbar that is sticking on top of your blog? Why should you remove hide it?

1. The Blogger navbar doesn’t do anything much except for search, navigate, report blog and returning to your dashboard.
2. It kills your design or the Blogger navbar doesn’t blend into the design

As far as I know that we cannot entirely remove it from the Blogger, we can hide it by using a simple CSS technique.

By inserting the #navbar class after the body class into your template, the navbar will be hidden


After removing hiding the navbar, you may notice some or no white space between the top edge of the browser window and your blog content. All you need to do is to change the CSS by editing the body class

body{margin-top:0px; //adjusts the value to suit your template}

If you haven’t edited your template, it’s time for you to do so. At least it will make your blog unique and personal without the blogger logo.


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