Three elegant Nokias in black

It was a challenge for me to review three black designed Nokia mobile phones without their manuals.

The first question in my mind was whether or not their ease of use would be as impressive as the design of these black Nokia 6500 classic, the Nokia 6500 slide and the Nokia 6300i, which
looked elegant and captivated me.

When I tried the Nokia 6300i, it was easy to open the rear casing as well as the battery. But when it comes to the Nokia 6500 slide and classic, you may find it difficult to open their back casing.

NOKIA 6300iNOKIA 6300i

You may be hesitant to persist as the phones might break if you insist.

"A Nokia user may not be familiar with the way to open the back casing of the Nokia 6500 slide," a friend said after having a look at the mobile phone.

Despite the difficult start, I found that most of the features available in the three black Nokias were excellent.

Only the Nokia 6500 slide had a micro-sd card readability problem. When I inserted my micro-sd card into the mobile phone, it was not readable by the mobile phone. Even in the file
manager, the micro-sd card was not displayed.


However, other important features such as the keypad, music player, camera and video recording were friendly to use as usual. Nokia has been known by the public for years.

What I like from the three Nokias was the quality of the sound produced by their speakerphone and headset, which is superb. As far as I knew, it is not easy to find a mobile phone where both
the speaker phone and headset are good quality.

In the Nokia 6500 classic, MP3 songs are stored in a 1-GB internal memory, so we needed no extra micro-sd card as such a memory can save some 300 songs. However, in the other two Nokias, a micro-sd card to store MP3 songs was required.

The cameras of the three Nokia were also among the best in the mobile phones. And the best among the three was the 3.2-megapixel camera in the Nokia 6500 slide. It is more than enough to record good moments such as the current student protest against the fuel
price hikes. Furthermore, we do not need to shut off the camera to see our photos.

Because the three mobile phones are equipped with a 3G connectivity, downloading data from the Internet, or mobile phone chatting will be cheaper than a mobile phone equipped with only
GPRS connectivity.

With a great design, various features and very good performance as well as only a few difficulties in use, these three Nokias are highly recommended to buy.


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